New Doraemon Story of Seasons Trailer Gives a Look at Villagers


The latest release coming in the coveted Story of Seasons series is the Doraemon crossover title featuring characters from the beloved Japanese manga set in a farming world of the Story of Seasons universe. The latest trailer released from Bandai Namco gives fans a look at various villager and NPC interactions that can be found […]

New Doraemon Story of Seasons Trailer Shows Off New Activities

Doraemon Story of Seasons Activities Trailer

Fans of the Story of Seasons franchise along with the popular manga series Doraemon should be getting excited for the new crossover title set to hit the Switch later this year. Doraemon Story of Seasons looks to re-establish the farming sim excitement while coupling the gameplay with plenty of characters form the Japanese anime series. […]

New Doraemon Story Of Seasons Trailer Shows Off NPC Interactions

Doraemon Story of Seasons New Trailer Released

The upcoming Story of Seasons spin-off title which combines the classic farming gameplay with the popular Doraemon manga franchise is set to hit Japan later this month, and ahead of release Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for the game. Viewers will get a look at how interacting with the town folk and various […]

New Trailer Shows Off Doraemon Story Of Seasons

Doraemon Story of Seasons New Gameplay Trailer

Fans of the Doraemon series and the farming simulation experience of Story of Seasons (formerly known as Harvest Moon), Bandai Namco released a new trailer today showing off some of the agricultural gameplay features. Check out the new ‘Farming System’ trailer below: The newest in the Story of Seasons series will be the first to […]

Doraemon Story Of Season Releasing On PC, Arriving In The West This Fall

Doraemon SOS Releasing On PC

A mash up of the popular manga series Doraemon and video game series Story of Seasons is gearing up for a release on the Switch in eastern regions this coming summer. However, Doraemon Story of Seasons has also recently been announced by Bandai Namco as coming to PC via Steam. The announcement post also came […]

New Story of Seasons Title In Development For Switch

Story of Seasons New Switch Title

Earlier, it was revealed that Switch owners will be receiving a new Story of Season Doraemon crossover title with a Japanese release date in tow. While we’re still awaiting an announcement for a western release of the coveted, formerly known as Harvest Moon series – there’s still more news within the franchise. Famitsu has vaguely […]