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New Doraemon Story of Seasons Trailer Gives a Look at Villagers

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The latest release coming in the coveted Story of Seasons series is the Doraemon crossover title featuring characters from the beloved Japanese manga set in a farming world of the Story of Seasons universe. The latest trailer released from Bandai Namco gives fans a look at various villager and NPC interactions that can be found in the game.

Check out the new NPC interaction trailer below:

The trailer gives a look at a variety of different methods and uses of interacting with the society found in the new game. As players begin to rebuild their farm as the main protagonist from Doraemon, you’ll eventually build relationships with other villagers by either greeting them or gifting them items.

The social system found in the new Doraemon crossover title will allow players to achieve new items in return as well as improve various relationships between characters as you continue your story.

Doraemon Story of Seasons is set to release in the west on the PC and Switch sometime later this year.

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