Doraemon Story of Seasons Activities Trailer

New Doraemon Story of Seasons Trailer Shows Off New Activities

Fans of the Story of Seasons franchise along with the popular manga series Doraemon should be getting excited for the new crossover title set to hit the Switch later this year. Doraemon Story of Seasons looks to re-establish the farming sim excitement while coupling the gameplay with plenty of characters form the Japanese anime series.

Check out the newest trailer for the game which shows off various new activities to partake in below:

There seems to be plenty of other activities to take on during your busy farm life, including fishing, bug catching, mining and more. Players will also raise various animals and build furniture to customize their farm the way they like.

Doraemon Story of Seasons just recently released in Japan on the Switch while a western release is set for this coming fall on both the Switch and PC.

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