More Gameplay Shown Off in New Astral Chain Trailer


PlatinumGames’ upcoming Switch exclusive action game, Astral Chain, is nearing its release at the end of this month, but we’re not done seeing new footage. Nintendo released a brand new trailer for the game giving viewers more looks at what to expect in terms of combat and slick action ready to hit the Switch. Check […]

Extensive Overview Trailer Shows Off Astral Chain Ahead of Next Month’s Release


PlatinumGames’ upcoming action-RPG Astral Chain is gearing up for its release on the Switch with a brand new overview trailer released by Nintendo. The new trailer boasts over 8 minutes of footage giving viewers a good look at gameplay, combat, story and more for the highly-anticipated title. Check out the new overview trailer for Astral […]

Astral Chain Requires Nearly 10 GB of Free Space; Box Art Revealed

Astral Chain

Two years after Nier: Automata, Platinum Games is about to launch a brand new IP exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Astral Chain will be coming later in August and some minor details has recently released about the game, including file size. According to a recent tweet by Nintendo of America, Astral Chain is now available to […]

PlatinumGames Reveals Astral Chain’s File Size

PlatinumGames Reveals Astral Chain’s File Size It seems like PlatinumGames’ upcoming action game, Astral Chain is available to pre-purchase on the European Nintendo Switch eShop, which reveals the game’s file size. According to the listing, the digital version of Astral Chain will take up 9.6 GB of space on the Switch, which is quite a […]

Astral Chain Won’t Be Part of a Trilogy, Confirms the Director

Astral Chain

Did you hear the news on Astral Chain being the first part of a trilogy for the series? Well, if you did, forget about it. It was just a hilarious mistake from translation team at IGN Netherlands and IGN Japan that lead to spread of a promising but fake news all around internet. Yesterday, IGN […]

PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain is the First Part of a Trilogy

Astral Chain First Part of a Trilogy

Switch owners everywhere are anxiously awaiting the latest title from the over-the-top action-adventure veterans PlatinumGames as Astral Chain is nearly two months away form launch. While this new IP is certainly looking like something special for the hybrid console, it seems like Astral Chain might be more than just a standalone title. In an interview […]

Astral Chain Receives Lengthy Overview Trailer

Astral Chain Overview Trailer

PlatinumGames’ next big action-RPG, Astral Chain, is set to hit the Nintendo Switch later this summer and is currently one of the most anticipated titles for the console this year. We’ve received exclusive gameplay videos and a few new details for the game recently, but we’ve also been given a lengthy glimpse of the upcoming […]