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More Gameplay Shown Off in New Astral Chain Trailer

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PlatinumGames’ upcoming Switch exclusive action game, Astral Chain, is nearing its release at the end of this month, but we’re not done seeing new footage. Nintendo released a brand new trailer for the game giving viewers more looks at what to expect in terms of combat and slick action ready to hit the Switch.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below:

Astral Chain is looking like one of the must-have titles in the Switch lineup that’s continuously getting better nearly every month. PlatinumGames has a few solid upcoming releases, one of which being Astral Chain along with another Switch exclusive, Bayonetta 3.

There’s plenty of striking visuals to drool over, a new look at the game’s NPC companion feature ‘Legions’ all tied together with a fast-paced exciting soundtrack. Astral Chain will be hitting the Switch on August 30, 2019.

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