Protagonists from PlatinumGames' upcoming Switch exclusive, Astral Chain

New Extensive Gameplay Footage of Astral Chain Revealed

Nintendo has been leaving their mark on this year’s Gamescom event with one of the more recent showings revolving around the upcoming action-adventure PlatinumGames title, Astral Chain. The new extensive gameplay footage gives us some insight on the story of Astral Chain, as well as some hefty looks at gameplay.

Check out the new Astral Chain video below:

The new footage shows a massive hulking boss fight along with the different tactics utilized with the Legion – a summoned companion that aids the player in battle. There’s also plenty of PlatinumGames iconic gameplay shown off in the upcoming Switch exclusive which is making Astral Chain look like a must-have title for any switch owner.

There’s plenty to be excited about for the upcoming action-adventure title. PlatinumGames has been busy pushing the Switch hardware, as their other Nintendo exclusive IP Bayonetta is also set to receive its third installment at some point beyond the release of . However, Astral Chain looks like a worthy new title reeling for attention with its sharp visuals, chaotic combat and riveting story.

As we drift closer to the release date of the next big AAA Nintendo exclusive, Platinum and Nintendo have been busy showing off loads of new trailer for the game, and even some inspiring gameplay clips. It was also reported that the new title’s official file size will exceed the 10 GB mark, leaving many Switch owners in desperation for extra storage space. Regardless, the latest upcoming action-adventure title should provide for a lively start to the holiday season for Nintendo owners everywhere that just can;t seem to catch a break from one stellar title after another.

Astral Chain is set to release on August 30, 2019 exclusively for the Switch. As for right now, there’s no news on when we’ll see PlatinumGames’ next Nintendo release, Bayonetta 3.

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