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Google Stadia Pro Free Games September 2020

Google has confirmed Stadia Pro September 2020 free to keep games, starting September 1 players will be able to own: Super Bomberman R Online, Gunsport, Hitman, Hello Neighbor, Metro Last Light Redux, and Embr, a title that is still in Early Access.

They’ll also be available to purchase individually in the Stadia store.


Kona, GRID, and Get Packed all leave Stadia Pro after August 31. Claim them today and keep them free as long as you stay a Pro member. Once September rolls around, all three games will still be available for purchase in the Stadia store.

In today’s announcement, Stadia also confirmed that Windobound launches in the streaming platform this friday, for  29.99 USD.

Set a course for enchanted seas in Windbound. Scavenge scarce resources, battle immense beasts, and encounter ancient magics in a vast archipelago where your quest alternates between serene calm and extreme peril.

Pick up Windbound Launch Edition on Stadia between August 28 and September 11 and you’ll also get bonus in-game content, including the Ancestral Attire, Ancestral Oar, and Ancestral Knife.

Stadia is a service that while it had a slow start, it keeps getting better tailoring its offers to the player’s requests, in late June Google decided to lower the price of the subscription of the Stadia Premiere Edition, the bundle is now being offered at $30 cheaper than the initial offer. New buyers will need to spend $99.99 in order to get the Chromecast Ultra and the Stadia Controller.

The streaming service also added support to 4G and 5G networks, subscribers can take part in the experiment by opening the Stadia app on an Android phone, then clicking on their selected avatar in the top right corner, selecting Experiments, and then choosing Use Mobile Data.

The marketing campaign “only on Stadia” was also confirmed with the announcements of sixteen games exclusive to the streaming platform in a recent Stadia Connect. Developer Harmonix, Uppercut Games, and Supermassive Games will develop unique games for the platform. Powered by Google, a  “Click to Play” feature integrated into YouTube. Basically it’s a link that will allow Stadia supported devices to launch a game in seconds.

Source: TechRaptor

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