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Square Enix Collective to Announce A Switch Game Soon

Square Enix Collective has teased fans via Twitter, a Nintendo Switch game will be announced this week. The latest project they published, was Boundless back in 2018.

Square Enix Collective is a publisher who works closely with indie developers. One of the projects that is planned to be released this year is Circuit Superstars.

Square Enix Collective has a large variety of games on Steam, from the critically acclaimed adventure  Forgotton Anne,to their latest release Boundless, a sand-box MMO.

Square Enix Collective is a self-titled “Service Provider for Indie Developers”, their focus is to help a developer’s game to get published while maintaining their creative control. The subsidiary of Square Enix was founded on 2014, and its leaded by Phil Elliot who acts as the Head of Indie Development.

In 2016, they publish its first game, Goetia on Steam, the game is a point and click adventure, by saying this, the game should not be underestimated, Steam Reviews, are 78% positives.

About Square Enix Collective

Hi Phil. In your own words, what exactly is Square Enix Collective?

“We help them publish their game – but we’re different to a traditional publisher, because we don’t take ownership of the game or intellectual property, and the devs still have full creative control.

Our role is to take the lead on marketing and communications (with approval from the Indie devs), and provide advice and guidance where we can.Ok, so why do you do this? What’s the point of Square Enix Collective?

I guess that answer has two parts. Firstly, it’s an incredibly crowded market, and it can be tough for Indie developers to get their games out in front of people. Our goal is to help people create sustainable businesses within the Indie space, and our resources, connections and even just the Square Enix name helps us do that.

So what’s in this for us? That brings me onto my second point – independent development is where the most innovation and creativity take place.

Gaming is a creative medium – new ideas, fresh thinking, and rising talent are all necessary for the market to thrive – and a thriving market is good for all of us.

So if we contribute towards the creativity of the gaming industry, we also help ourselves – that’s why all our profits go back into Indie development.

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