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The Nintendo Switch 2 Will Reportedly Have a Nvidia Chip and Full Backwards Compatibility

According to a recent Reuters report, the next Nintendo console will include a custom Nvidia chip. The report states that “Nintendo’s current Switch handheld console already includes Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip.” The report also states that the heavily anticipated and rumored console “expected this year is likely to include a Nvidia custom design.” In other news, as spotted by  Brazilian outlet Universo Nintendo, prominent leaker and content creator with a good track record PH Brazil, revealed during an episode of the  O X do Controle podcast that the upcoming console will feature both digital and Physical backwards compatibility with the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, it will also reportedly allow developers to upgrade previous games to match the specs of the newer console. It’s worth noting none of these claims have been confirmed by Nintendo.

According to prominent leaker and insider NateTheHate on a recent episode of the Game and Talk podcast, Nintendo will be announcing its next console sometime next month. While he did not reveal the format of the announcement, as it could be revealed in a basic announcement or a full event, he states that he based this information on details he learned at Gamescom. Additionally, according to a recent report from Universo Nintendo’s editor-in-chief Felipe Lima which cites his own anonymous sources, “multiple development companies/publishing partners of Nintendo are preparing to announce their projects, and that several retail stores are moving to prepare the start of pre-sales of the system.”

Last week,  YouTuber Nintendo Prime stated that he was messaged by a reputable GameStop “Insider”  who claims that the corporation is currently informing stores to prepare for upcoming pre-orders of Nintendo’s next console. The insider also claims that he expects the console to be revealed no later than March.

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