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Sony Will Reveal the Line Up for PS5 on June 11 – Rumor

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An interesting rumor has appeared on 4chan, if the source is to be believed, it may indicate the games to be announced at an PlayStation event on June 11. Allegedly, Sony will be hosting a nearly two hours event that will showcase some of the PlayStation Studios games for PlayStation 5 along with some games from third party developers.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

• Horizon Zero Dawn 2: It would be the game that opens the event, and it has a three-minute video in which it will show us its cooperative, in addition to its great graphic section. His delegation would be scheduled for early March 2021.
• Crash Bandicoot: a reborn hero! This release on the launch of PS5 and would be exclusive to the Sony console. It has more than 100 missions and has online multiplayer.
• Mortal Kombat 11 sequels: Available in the coming days on PS4, but would also contain exclusive PS5 content, in addition to PSVR compatibility.
• Crysis Remastered: The game was also announced for PS4, but it will launch PS5 with dynamic 4K and 60FPS.
• Resident Evil 8: will have great importance in the event. Chris Redfield will be playable.
• Demon´s Souls: new version of the game for PS5 that will also feature new missions. It would be a launch title, and during the event we can see how to play a demo.
• Gran Turismo Sport Redux: New version for PS5 that will be released with 4K and 60FPS and could be released.
• New IP: Unknown Commander: game based on several timelines but in a state of alert that would have crossed games with PC.
• Uncharted Lost Legacy 2: Developed by Sony San Diego, it would be the first fully cooperative game in the series. Chloe and Victor Sullivan would be playable.
• New IP: train travel on Bothemo street: I would like to have well-known Hollywood actors and that would be based on a soap opera.
• Ratchet and Clank: Mars and Beyond !: It would be a PS5 launch game, but at the moment there are more details.
• Silent Hill: Developed by PlayStation Japan and would be released in 2021, but for the moment with more details.

Most likely this is the works of a very active speculative mind, the PlayStation 5 marketing campaign seems to be on hold until The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima launches. Official information from Sony confirms that

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