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Sony Revealed the PlayStation 5 Logo

Yesterday at CES 2020, Sony unveiled the new logo for their next-gen console the Sony PlayStation 5. To the amaze of the attending crowd, the revealed logo shares the same design as the PS4 logo, Sony just changed a 4 for a 5. The PS4 logo was very similar to the PS3 logo, so it’s now a trend at Sony keeping a similar design.

Sony Interactive Entertainment also proudly announced that since its launch in 2013, the PlayStation 5 has sold over 106 million units, the industry giant also revealed that PlayStation Network has a monthly active users of 103 million. Software sold on the PlayStation Network reached a staggering 1.15 billions as of December 31, 2019. The PSVR also did well selling over 5 million units.

Sony also talked about the newest technologies that will launch the next PlayStation console into the future:

3D Audio sound is a new way of processing 3D audio, this will give players sounds from above, behind, and both the sides on a constant basis while they are playing.

Haptics and Adaptive triggers, will change the way players experience a game, as different kind of terrains and more information can be transferred directly on the hands of the player. This is a big selling points to developers, who always try unique ways to stand out similar games. Games like Gran Turismo Sports can use this feature to let players know when a tire is loosing grip, when the aerodynamics of a car is damaged, just to give an example.

The system will also count with an ultra-high sped SSD hardware, that will drop the loading times to a minimum, some fans expect that Sony along with developers, will be able to completely remove loading times in game, but at the moment that information is unofficial. A high definition Blu-Ray reader will be included in the system, it will grant developers up to 100 GB of removable storage to store a game.

Also Nvidia’s ‘Ray Tracing’ technology is confirmed, this will give PS5 “an advanced and lifelike way of rendering light and shadows in a scene. It’s what movies and TV shows use to create and blend in amazing CG work with real-life scenes”

The next generation console, PlayStation 5, was also confirmed to launch on holidays 2020.

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Source: TechRadar

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