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PSN Communities
PSN Communities

Sony Is Removing PSN Communities in PS4 8.50 Update

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Sony revealed the content for the Beta version of the upcoming PS4 firmware version 8.50 which will add a number of quality of life improvements like adding an option to turn on or off some notifications but will also remove PSN Communities support for the console.

Main Features in This System Software Beta

  • In messages, you can now turn notifications on/off for each of the groups you’re in. On the group screen, open the options menu and select “Turn Notifications Off”.

Other Updates Features

  • On the game session screen, you can now use the “Request to Join” button to ask the session leader to join their game. The session leader can then send you an invite to join the game session.
  • When playing a game you’ve hidden, other players will no longer see you play it.
  • Communities are no longer available.

The PSN Communities was removed on smartphones in March 2020, the social feature is seemingly being discontinued and PlayStation has not released an official statement explaining the reasons behind the end of support. Certainly, players and streamers are using more modern and accessible apps for communicating in gaming social spaces, Discord has been dominating the communications of players for quite some time.

The most recent PS4 firmware added a two-factor verification security features, more stability fixes, and new customization options. The Party system and parental control were overhauled to the fans’ recognition.

PlayStation is making huge changes in the way players and users interact with their PlayStation console. Recently Sony announced that starting August 31, 2021, movies and TV shows will no longer be rentable or purchasable on the PlayStation Store. Again, the company failed to reveal the reasons behind the decision but it’s assumed that the feature is no longer being used as users prefer streaming services like Disney + and Netflix.

Source: MP1st

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