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PlayStaton Plus Video Pass
PlayStaton Plus Video Pass

Sony Confirms PlayStation Plus Video Pass is a “test service”

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PlayStation Plus Video Pass was leaked yesterday via PlayStation Poland, the service allows PS4 and PS5 PlayStation Plus subscribers to access over 20 television shows and movies from Sony Pictures.

The test of the service will run for a year in Poland as confirmed by Nick Maguire, VP of Global Services at SIE. Maguire also affirmed that the company chose Poland due to brand loyalty and the use of consoles to stream movies.

“We are currently focusing only on the Polish market, on Polish players and what will be their reaction to the additional benefit under the PS Plus program.”

“We know very well that we have a large base of players in Poland who stand out due to their commitment and activity in the network and social media.”

“They also like to use VoD platforms. For us, this is the perfect combination, the perfect market, to introduce a test service as part of the PS Plus program and see what our key users think about it.

“Of course, I cannot share the exact data on the basis of which we chose Poland. However, I can emphasize that Poland meets all the criteria that are important to us, your country is a mixture of very important factors from this perspective.”

“We want to see how players will benefit from such a service,” Maguire says. “What titles do they watch, what do they care about, how often do they use them.

“At this stage, however, I cannot say whether it will be created and what the test process will look like for other markets, as well as what the future is for PlayStation Plus Video Pass after the test period.

PlayStation Plus Video Pass along with a new cloud gaming strategy seems to be PlayStation’s answer to Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Spider’s Web

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