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Smash Brothers Ultimate – New Potential 5th Character

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is one of the best Nintendo Switch games to come out in 2019 and honestly maybe one of the best Nintendo Switch games to come out period. One of the best parts of the Smash community is the speculation of what characters will be announced next for the game. As someone who has been following the rumor mill since before the game was even released, it’s been quite the roller coaster.

Absolutely no one saw Joker’s appearance in Smash Brothers Ultimate, to the point where rumors of Persona 5 coming to Nintendo Switch started to surface, to no avail though. To be honest, it almost felt like every news source and everyone on the planet knew The Hero from Dragon Quest XI and Erdrick from Dragon Quest III would be included. What I don’t think people saw coming were the inclusion of the other two Dragon Quest heroes. While many speculated Banjo-Kazooie to be included, I don’t think anyone genuinely believed it until the end of that fated Nintendo Direct. Terry Bogard from the King of Fighters also seemed to come out of nowhere with most speculation surfacing close to the Direct in which he was announced.

We have one more character left in this DLC pack and Nintendo has already confirmed that there will be another DLC pack in 2020. GameRant put together a list of potential characters that could be our 5th DLC fighter. To be honest the only two that make any kind of sense are Ryu from Ninja Gaiden and The DOOM Slayer from the DOOM franchise. Both characters have been in leaks and rumors in the past. Rumors of DOOM Slayer coming to Smash Brothers have been floating around since before Smash Ultimate’s release. Ryu from Ninja Gaiden started really surfacing after both Hero & Banjo-Kazooie were announced.

My bet is on Ryu and then another secret character as a surprise, which is a heavy bet, but I think Sakurai is up to something big when it comes to the final DLC character of Smash Ultimate. What do you think? Let us know who you think DLC Character #5 will be and make sure to follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: GameRant

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