Sea of Thieves - Shopkeepers and Gear

Sea of Thieves – Shopkeepers and Gear

Sea of Thieves – Shopkeepers and Gear

We all know everyone wants to be a pirate legend, but what’s a legend without fashion and style? Not much if you ask us. That’s why we’re here to explain to you how the shopkeepers and gear work in Sea of Thieves and who sells what and why you should care. Sea of Thieves is a game about exploring a dangerous and exciting pirate full of mystery and treasure, but it’s a lot more fun when you get to look stylish and menacing. After all, Sea of Thieve’s main progression is all about showing off how legendary your pirate is and you do that by earning reputation and gold from doing business with the trading companies. With that being said, there are three different stores in every single Outpost Island that exists in the game.

There is the clothing store, equipment shop, and blacksmith. The cool thing about Sea of Thieves is that every store sells parts of a set armor/weapons. For example, you can buy an entire “Admiral” set in the clothing store, but if you want to get Admiral equipment and Weapons those are sold separately at their corresponding shops. If you want your entire character to look like an “Admiral” then you will be forced to save up enough coin and buy every single “Admiral” piece that exists in the game in order to be fully outfitted.

Basically to break it down for you, in order for your character to look like a complete Admiral then you need to buy the following items – Admiral Dress, Admiral Shirt, Admiral Pants, Admiral Hook, Admiral Pegleg, Admiral Hair, Admiral Beard, Admiral Shovel, Admiral Pistol, Admiral Blunderbuss, Admiral Eye of Eagle, Admiral Hat, and so on. That will come at a very heavy price, but when people will look at you, they will know who exactly they are dealing with. We will be doing a guide for all the equipment in game once the game releases on March 20th and we will compile a list for you in both text and video format so you can have a good database too look at and see how much everything costs so you can plan out your life-savings in Sea of Thieves. What armor set would you like for your pirate to wear in Sea of Thieves and what would you like to look like when you get your legendary status? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for our Sea of Thieves Giveaway, coverage, pro guides, tips & tricks.

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