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Scuf Unveils First Third-Party PS5 Controller

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After a year of being on the market, the PlayStation 5 has finally had a third-party controller announced for it courtesy of Scuf. The company has announced three controllers, entitled the Reflex, Reflex Pro, and the Relex FPS that have been designed as high-end alternatives to the usual Dualsense controller, which is what Scuf is best known for.

The Scuf Reflex, at its core, looks relatively similar to that of the basic Dualsense controller, though a quick look should find plenty of small improvements over them. Of course, when it comes to what is often referred to as ‘pro’ controllers, the biggest addition is that of a set of back panels that can quickly be mapped to standard buttons on the controller. These buttons can be easily mapped or even disabled using a rubber button located on the back of the controller.

The Reflex and Reflex Pro, are set to keep the adaptive triggers that were a major point of focus for Sony when touting the immersion of the Dualsense controller. With them, resistance is applied based on what the player is doing, such as shooting a gun or drawing a bow. While it is an awesome feature, In a competitive game it can put a player at a disadvantage, this is why the Reflex FPS which is designed for competitive shooters will remove these in favor of instant triggers that actuate with one touch, similar to a mouse.

While those are built-in, the controller will have swappable pieces such as the thumbstick which can be swapped between several options such as long, short, domed, and concave. Similarly, the controller’s faceplate can be removed in favor of other color options, maybe even some themed prints.

The base model of the controller, The Reflex, will be priced at $199. The Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS will be a little more pricy at $229 and $259 respectively.

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