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Scrappers Launches Exclusively on Apple Arcade

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PixelJunk studio Q-Games has just launched a new IP on Apple Arcade, the game is not a new game in the PixelJunk universe, but a totally new thing called Scrappers. The game intends to send a nice message of keeping the world clean and healthy. Players of Scrappers will learn how important is clearing the junk as is the main focus in the game, the game is a side-scrolling beat’em up, where dirty people of Junktown will receive a big punishment.

Here is Scrappers‘ official description via App Store.

In Scrappers, up to 4 players can team up to clean up the streets of a futuristic city teeming with garbage — and trash anyone who gets in their way!

You take on the role of the Scrappers, a squad of robot garbage collectors working to clean up a grimy city of the not-so-distant future. Time is money in Junktown, and team tactics like stacking trash and passing it to teammates — much like in basketball — can boost your efficiency for bigger rewards!

But garbage collection is only part of the job. Rival teams will attack and interfere, and it’s up to you to dispose of them while staying on schedule!

Teamwork is key to maximizing efficiency and achieving high scores, which in turn unlocks new characters and customization options!

Scrappers is a brand new game from Q-Games, the developers behind the PixelJunk series, Star Fox Command, X-Returns, and many other classic titles!

Apple Arcade’s $4.99-a-month gaming service launched on September 2019. Subcribers can play games on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV. The service currently has over 100 games available and it’s expected that even more exclusives will arrive in the following months.

Pixel Junk has been the publishers of Q-Games successful tower defense titles, their latest release is Pixel Junk Monsters 2, a very modern interpretation of the genre launched for PC and consoles.

Source: CNET

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