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Apple Arcade confirmed games
Apple Arcade confirmed games

Apple Arcade Launches Next Week and It Costs you $4.99 per Month

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During Apple’s recent event, the company officially revealed the release date for its upcoming gaming subscription service called Apple Arcade. The service will be available through all Apple’s device family and it will cost you $4.99 per month to be a subscriber to the service. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait so long as Apple Arcade launches next week on September 19 featuring over 100 games at launch.

Capcom, Konami and Annapurna Interactive were some of the bold gaming publishers and developers that made an appearance at the press conference and unveiled their latest projects for Apple Arcade. Capcom presented Shinsekai: Into the Depths, an exploration game that will allow you to discover the world beneath oceans. A few minutes earlier, Konami also revealed Frogger in Toy Town exclusively for Apple Arcade. At the end, Annapurna Interactive showcased the iOS version of Sayonara Wild Hearts which is a rhythm and action title.

In the first place, the subscription fee seems fair enough compared to other trending services nowadays but when it comes to games and quality of contents, Apple Arcade is unable to compete against some big fish in the industry right now.

Aside from Apple Arcade, the company also revealed its new flagship smartphone at the event, iPhone 11 Pro.

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