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Samsung Nintendo
Samsung Nintendo

Samsung And Nintendo Designing a New Switch – Rumor

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According to a reliable leaker from Korea, there is a new Samsung SoC (System on Chip) in development, the new hardware might be a new version of the Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

The information apparently comes from a Samsung manufacturing plant from Hong Kong, the new SoC is not planned to be the rumored Switch Pro, it will be a new Nintendo Switch compatible with the previous consoles but complete support of Microsoft’s Project xCloud.

Microsoft and Samsung recently announced a partnership, new cellphones are being shipped with the xCloud app pre-installed.

The information mentions that the new hardware is only available in portable mode, suggesting that Nintendo could integrate this new Switch into the line-up the new Switch Lite, or perhaps, as an even more economical option for the Switch, something that is unlikely. Being limited as a portable only Switch, the output cap is 720p, this seems perfect for the xCloud streams that are also working best under that resolution.

The same users also claim that Nintendo approached Samsung for the design of a new APU for the next version of the Switch. The aim of Nintendo is to deliver the graphics similar to PS4 and Xbox One for the next console. The highest level of power efficiency is a must according to the information. Samsung’s ARM CPUs matched with NVIDIA GPU seems to be the hardware for a next-gen Nintendo Switch.

The introduction of a more powerful Switch console has been rumored for some time, Nintendo has often explained that Switch Lite is outselling the regular Switch, the Japanese giant is confident that the actual hardware can last some years before they design a new console. For Nintendo, the most important thing is that all the games designed for Switch work natively on each hardware produced.

Source: GameGrin

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