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Characters from Saints Row
Characters from Saints Row

Saints Row 5 Confirmed; Timesplitters Will Get a Sequel

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Six years after Saints Row IV, today THQ Nordic announced through its new interim report that Volition is working on the next installment in Saints Row series which will presumably be Saints Row 5.

No further details shared on the game yet, but the new Saints Row wasn’t the only surprise at THQ Nordic’s press release. It seems Timesplitters, a franchise that got its last entry back in 2005, will be getting a sequel in the future as the series creator Steve Ellis has been invited to help THQ Nordic with plotting the future course of the series.

Aside from the two good news above, there’s also a bad news on Dead Island 2. The game which was originally being developed by Yager Interactive handed over to Sumo Digital and now we’ve been informed that Dambuster has took the helm for the game soon after Sumo Digital was planning to work on it. Homefront: The Revolution was the latest title from Dambuster which did receive awful reviews from both fans and media.

THQ Nordic will be present at Gamescom 2019 with a bunch of anticipated titles and probably some new worldwide announcements as well.

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