Rumor PS5 2019 Reveal
Rumor PS5 2019 Reveal

Rumor: PlayStation 5 2019 May or May Not Be Revealed This Year

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With the rumors surrounding both Microsoft and Nintendo set to reveal new consoles or enhanced versions of current consoles, many are speculating Sony might be headed towards the same notion. And to add to these claims, one verified ResetEra user seems to think that Sony is “playing their cards close” but once the silence is broken Sony will have plenty to share with its fans.

User Benji, an Industry Sales Insider, first initiated talk about Sony revealing the PS5 due to the industry beginning its turn into the next generation. After the less than steller State of Play showcase earlier this week, some Sony fans are beginning to worry what else lies ahead for the PlayStation brand; aside from VR.

While this is nothing more than sheer speculation, the user does make some good points. Nintendo is rumored to unveil not one, but two new Switch consoles, and Microsoft has a rumored discless Xbox One S on the horizon, as well as potentially two next gen consoles to reveal at this year’s E3 event. If Sony continues to fall behind in terms of new hardware, some fans may begin to grow impatient.

That isn’t to say the PlayStation 4 isn’t still thriving. With a slew of top-notch exclusives both available and on the way, it’s still exciting to be a PS4 user, but many of us want to know what’s next. The user goes on to explain that they’re not particularly leaking any information, as there’s no information known to leak. But they do point out that they’re very confident in their sources and knowledge of the industry.

Again, take this rumor with a huge grain of salt as we have heard nothing in regards to Sony planning a PS5 reveal this year. But again, it wouldn’t be much of shocker to see what Sony has in store for its fandom next.

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