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Rumor: Nintendo Is Planning to Release New Versions of Switch

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Sony was the first company among console developers that announced a powerful version of its 8th gen platform to tweak PS4 for living more years than expected. Then Microsoft came up with Xbox One X, the most powerful console during current gen with a true 4K resolution. Now, while the two aforementioned companies are preparing themselves for announcing their next-gen platforms, Nintendo is reportedly planning to release two new models of its latest portable console, Switch.

According to Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is up to revealing two new versions for Switch, with the first model targeting those who are looking for higher quality and visual graphics, which will obviously costs more than the pilot model, and the second version hitting stores for catching attentions of customers who just want to play on Switch with the lowest price available. One of the main differences between models could be related to their displays and also it’s assumable the cheaper one not to feature a physical drive for installing games, like what Microsoft has done with Xbox One.

As the report claims, new models for Switch will be available in the following Summer, so we might get to see the official announcement during E3 2019 or even earlier. While Nintendo has been tight-lipped on the rumor so far, we have heard of this news months ago by means of a Japanese reporter who restarted the speculation stronger than before.

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