Halo: Infinite

Rumor: Halo: Infinite E3 Trailer’s Details Leaked; Coming in Late 2020

Microsoft’s conference at E3 2019 is going to be the biggest one in this year’s event with no doubts. The company will premiere 2 hours of live show on the stage with tons of games, services and hardware specifies to announce there. Microsoft is going to be at E3 2019 with it’s full arsenal of weapons and will play all of its cards at the event, no matter what Sony will reveal later this year, or what Google has planned to unveil in Summer. Halo: Infinite is definitely a big part of the upcoming Xbox show and some new rumors talk about the game’s E3 trailer and what it is going to present at there.

According to an image that’s spreading on Internet, Halo: Infinite will be premiered at E3 2019 with a trailer in which both single player and multiplayer sections of the game are parts of it. As the image claims, the E3 demo will take place on Halo Ring as Master Chief attempts to rescue a squad of marines that are taken by forerunners in the forest. It’s being said that the mission is like what we’ve seen in the second level of Halo: Combat Evolved. However, the mission and also the trailer end with the group entering to a village of farming humans and hobbits. One strange thing is about a mysterious robotic character that speaks to Master Chief in his radio.

Halo: Infinite is not an open-world game but its maps are huge enough that offer open-level missions. Moreover, the game features Brutes once again after Halo 3. Also, Forerunners will fight against you with new guns and cutting-edge weapons. Promethean Knight will be one of challenging bosses of the game that has appeared in the trailer, reportedly.

Halo: Infinite

When it comes to gameplay, some notable changes can be detected. Abilities like Ground Pounding, Spartan Charge, Slide and Hover are no longer available in the game but instead players will be able to use Sprint along with Clamber. Also the AI will be improved for enemies throughout the game.

Finally, we will also get to see a bit of multiplayer features, especially maps, with two maps to be shown in the trailer for this section. First map is remake of Valhalla, which is being said to be part of a large “Forge World” that shares area with campaign map. The second one, is a snow-themed location with glaciers and caves in it. The development team is also promises to bring some new modes that haven’t played in Halo series so far, along with modes that have always been iconic in the series multiplayer part.

Through all the moments of the trailer, graphics of the game is being praised by the leaker, and it seems 343 Industries is going to use all the power within the Xbox’s next hardware flagship to deliver the most realistic experience in the Halo series so far.

The leak claims that the trailer ends with announcing a release date in late 2020 for both current-gen and next-gen consoles of Microsoft.

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