Microsoft E3 2019

Microsoft Will Host 2 Hours Long Show at E3 2019

Microsoft has called its upcoming conference at E3 2019 “The Biggest One” for numerous times, especially since when Sony has announced that they will skip this year’s event, to reveal their upcoming titles and probably PS5 in a totally exclusive show in 2019. With Sony leaving the E3 2019 on the edge of next generation of consoles, Microsoft has the best opportunity to seize all of the attentions at Los Angeles to its exciting show by taking as much trailers and details as it can in order to deliver the most breath-taking event at E3’s history so far. You want a proof? Well, what about the event’s 2 hours length which is 20 minutes more than the last year’s conference? Do you how many trailers could be shown in 20 minutes?

According to a video from official XboxBR channel on YouTube, Microsoft’s conference at E3 2019 will take 120 minutes to reach the end which means it contains 20 minutes more content to show than the same conference at last year’s E3, also it’s 30 minutes lengthier than the company’s event at E3 2016. While it’s expected to see first-party games like Halo: Infinite, Gears 5, Fable Reboot and Ninja Theory’s next project at the show, there will be more to offer from third-party developers as well, just like what we saw last year. It’s being said that Cyberpunk 2077 will be premiered at Microsoft’s conference once again to deliver another jaw-dropping trailer for the fans but this with a release date at the end.

Microsoft E3 Event Length

Aside from talking about games, Microsoft will probably reveal new information on its next-gen consoles which are known as Anaconda and Lockhart with the former being the most powerful console of the company and maybe the next generation, while the latter is a economic one for those who want to have fun with no regard to getting the best graphics ever. Also, Project xCloud is expected to be fully revealed at the show, while Microsoft sharing more about its recent collaboration with Sony on cloud gaming.

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