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Rumor Apple Eyeing Game Streaming
Rumor Apple Eyeing Game Streaming

Rumor: Apple Now Hopping On The Game Streaming Service Train

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While Google made headlines last week with their GDC announcement of their upcoming game streaming service Stadia ready to hit consumers this year, and a swirling rumor about Walmart eyeing the market as well, it appears yet another mega corporation has the same idea; or, at least a similar one. Apple has been reported of looking to bolster their online reputation with a game streaming service to continue their ongoing competition with Google and Microsoft.

In a report from Bloomberg, Apple isn’t necessarily looking to directly compete with Google Stadia and other streaming services, such as PS Now or Microsoft’s upcoming Project xCloud, however, but rather create a new service for current Apple users. And if they happen to take over the game streaming service, I’m sure no one at Apple would bat an eye, either.

The rumored service is said to offer a bundle of pre-paid games that come attached with a monthly fee. Focusing on in-app purchases over regular free-to-play titles. Minecraft, NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto are also among the list of titles that are some of the more popular games in the App Store.

While all of this is just speculation, Apple could announce their move into the game streaming market – along with introducing their video streaming service – as soon as this coming Monday March 25, 2019. However, Apple could hold off on any potential announcement for their scheduled developers conference later in the year.

Stay tuned for any more details leading up to Apple (or any other corporation eyeing the market) as more information releases.

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Source: Bloomberg, Eurogamer

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