Google Stadia Game Streaming Service
Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

Google Reveals The Future Of Gaming With Their Streaming Service ‘Stadia’

While streaming services have been making their way into the gaming universe with Sony’s PS Now and Microsoft working on their Project xCloud, Google is also looking to make waves into the industry. During their GDC keynote, they unveiled their bold move into the games industry with their new streaming service, Stadia.

Stadia looks to eliminate the accessibility standards in modern gaming today that hinders players with expensive systems and consoles. Google’s journey into gaming will bring high-end performing video games to any system with a screen, such as laptops, smart phones and tablets. This is doable thanks to Google’s unique data centers exclusive to the company.

During the showcase, an on-stage presentation showed off how Stadia will work with various devices. Seamlessly switching between a laptop, smartphone, a low-end PC, tablet and finishing with a television equipped with a Chromecast Ultra streaming device, players would be able to stream high-end games to virtually any piece of tech with a screen. The game of choice during their presentation is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which was shown off in an earlier streaming demonstration, Project Stream.

Check out Google’s GDC keynote below and take your first look at Stadia:

Google also pointed out that they wish to reduce the friction between game hype and playing time by completely withdrawing video game downloads by introducing “instant” game streaming. Players will be able to view a video of the desired title from YouTube which would have a Stadia link that would, upon being clicked, almost instantaneously bring up the game to stream on almost any current device you’d be using.

While Stadia is also able to link up via Bluetooth to current wireless game controllers, Google also unveiled their very own controller aptly named, the Stadia Controller. With a symmetrical analog stick design, the controller also features two unique buttons along with the basic modern controller button layout.

A capture button (which isn’t entirely new to the modern game controller design) allows quick snapshot and video recordings to be shared to YouTube, while the Google Assistant button allows for players to receive help integrated by developers for a specific game.

The future of gaming certainly is interesting now since Google has officially revealed their leap into the industry. With every major console manufacturer now dabbling with streaming, like Sony’s PS Now, Project xCloud from Microsoft and even Nintendo toying with their Japan-only streaming version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the Switch – it’s hard not to see the industry adopting a streaming future.

Google has revealed that Stadia will be available in Europe and most of North America sometime in 2019.

Stay tuned for more on the latest news for Google’s game streaming service, Stadia.

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