Rumor Walmart Taking On Stadia

Rumor: Walmart Planning A Game Streaming Service Of Their Own

With the game streaming future taking off with Google’s Stadia announcement during this week’s GDC event, it appears another contender is ready to step into the fray. The mega corporation Walmart is reportedly taking the beginning steps in creating their very own game streaming platform, further pointing towards a streaming future for the industry.

In a USGamer report, anonymous sources have confirmed that Walmart is indeed processing the idea of a streaming platform by speaking with various publishers and developers on creating a competitive game streaming service. Little else is known about the rumor, so everything regarding Walmart’s dive into a game streaming future should be taken lightly.

In the past, Walmart attempted to embark into the video streaming service with the likes of Netflix and Hulu, although those efforts were abruptly shutdown after Walmart labeled them as “too risky”. It should also be noted that Walmart Labs – the company’s tech developing center – employs around 6,000 workers all working towards developing various technological elements within the Walmart’s digital presence.

Again, while there’s been no official confirmation from the Walmart corporation themselves, this is all merely speculation. It’s highly unlikely that Google will be the only company outside of the gaming industry looking to capitalize on a piece of tech that looks as though it could change the way we game forever. Stay tuned for more updates on Walmart potentially diving into the game streaming market as more information may, or may not, release.

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Source: USGamer

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