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Official logo of Rockstar North
Official logo of Rockstar North

Rockstar North Is Looking for Vehicle Artist Probably for GTA 6

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Rockstar is currently working on new contents and updates for both GTA Online and Red Dead Online, but we all know that it’s just a small part of their team that are working on post-launch expansions. The question is, what the other employees are working on these days? Some rumors suggest Bully 2 while some others consist on GTA 6 but if you ask me, I think both titles are under-development at Rockstar’s different studios. However, there’s a new rumor on GTA 6 that this post is dedicated to.

Job listings has always been a good spot to guess what a studio is working on regarding what it needs. Recently, Rockstar North has submitted a position for a Vehicle Artist to work on an open-world game. obviously, every game that Rockstar has made through the recent years were open-world and that’s not a big clue on the next project since both Grand Theft Auto 6 and Bully 2 would represent vehicles, though Bully 2 might not need a wide variety of cars, bikes, planes and boats.

The latest rumor on Rockstar’s next project was pointing out a screenshot from the pause menu for Bully 2 which shared on Twitter but some said it’s all fake. Earlier than that, another rumor suggested GTA 6 as the next project and introduced it as an open-world title set in 1970s, where the player is a Latin drug dealer.

Rockstar has never shown a reaction to any rumor on its project and we don’t expect any confirmation on these words. The only thing that American developer does is announcing a new game out of nowhere and getting us hyped for it as hell.

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Source: SegmentNext

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