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Resident Evil Village | All Goats | Guide

Below you will find a handy guide to all 20 Goat of Warding collectables in Resident Evil: Village.

1- After talking to the old women follow the path straight forward to the booth where the first goat is on display.

Goat 1

2- From the shrine continue forward on the path towards the door to the castle. Hang a right to the church gates, stop right before the gates and look up to the roof left of the bell. The goat will be on the roof. 

Goat 2

3- From the church follow the path to the field once you enter the field stay to the left and walk along the fence until you pass the cart.once passed the cart jump the fence twice and follow the path. The goat is along the wall on the left.

Goat 3

4- After your escape from the lycans follow the door out towards the scarecrows as soon as you step outside hang a right follow a small path to the end of the wall turn left slightly and up on a rock will be your goat. This will be the last goat for this village segment. 

Goat 4

5- In the Hall of Ablution after draining the pool and climbing down the ladder immediately to the left is the goat.

Goat 5

6- In the Atelier there will be 5 bells that need to be rung before getting access to this goat. First shoot the bell right in front of the door, turn to the right and on top of the shelf there will be the second bell. Walk up the stairs and shoot the third bell aim in the window of the gears timing your shot with the swinging bell. The fourth bell be outside shot twice, once to break the glass and the second to shoot the bell. The Fifth and final bell will be on the light fixture and shoot this a few times to ring the bell. Once all five bells have been rung the painting of Lady Dimitrescu will open up, follow the path up a ladder into the attic once off the ladder, turn around and on top of some boxes will be the sixth goat and the last for the castle area.    

Goat 6

 7- After finding the Ceremony site walk along the bridge where you fight three laken, take a left down the stairs towards the closed bridge. On the landing of the steps turn left again to discover a little alcove under the steps, here is where you will find the goat.

Goat 7

8- Once you return to the village head back to the church but make your way around it to find a staircase leading towards a graveyard. Use the Iron Insignia key to open the gate. Turn right immediately and walk along the stone wall behind the second mausoleum you will find the goat in the ground.

Goat 8

9- in the alley of Maiden of War walk straight forward till you see a blue gate on your left side. Walk straight through the gate and continue forward until you see the tree broken in half, turn right and right on top of the wood shed is the goat. This will be the last goat in the second visit to the village.

Goat 9

10- On your way to Beneviento Estate you will see a rickety looking bridge in Potter’s Field continue onward until you pass a second bridge on your left, there you will see the goat on the fourth ring of ropes.

Goat 10

11- Climb the step towards the Estate’s front door but do not enter, instead make a left and follow the path wrapping around the house. From the balcony in front of the fence you will see the goat. This will be the last goat for Beneviento Estate. 

Goat 11

12- After Meeting Duke in the Reservoir make your way out of his shop and take an immediate right. Walk out the door and follow the path to the windmill, follow the tracks till you see a wood pile, the goat will be between the lumber and cut wood. 

Goat 12

13- During your fight with Moreau, you will push a cart into the water, once you’ve done so face the left and you will see a stack of wood take out your snipers and zoom in to the top left of the wood, there you will see the goat. 

Goat 13

14- After defeating Moreau and after opening the six winged gate, make your way back to where you first drove the boat. Now with the water drained you can make your way into the windmill. Follow the path until you see a breakable barrel and pass through the doorway, on your immediate left the goat will be eye level on the rocks.  

Goat 14

 15- After opening the six winged gate on your way to the stronghold, walk until you see the sign that reads “Good Luck” turn to the left and walk through the tall grass. You will come across the old mill, here walk upstream and underneath the mill to find a shrine with a goat in it.

Goat 15

16- Once you have taken out the Laken you will descend a spiral staircase once you reach the bottom you will see some wooden pallets, turn to the right and on the wall behind you is the next goat. 

Goat 16

17- Once in the factory you will come across the vents area. Once you reach the vent that pulls you in and you have to shoot it to dislodge the fan, turn around and walk towards where the fan was thrown. On a pile of scrap will be the goat. 

Goat 17

18- This next goat is a little tricky to spot. Once in the Elevator with The Duke make sure you are on floor B3 and are going up to floor B1, on the lower left side of the second beam you will see the goat, I would recommend using a shotgun as the bullet spread makes it more likely to hit the goat.   

Goat 18

19-After defeating the Sturm walk straight into the next room and  continue forward until you come across a small hold in the wall. Duck down and follow the path, as soon as you exit the goat will be in the corner on a barrel on your right hand side. 

Goat 19

20- The final goat in the game is found right after the cutscene when Chris plants the bomb. As soon as you have control after the cutscene, turn right to see a statue of Mother Mieranda at her feet will be the final goat.

Goat 20  


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