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Resident Evil Revelations 3
Resident Evil Revelations 3

Resident Evil Revelations 3 Is in Development – Rumor

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AestheticGamer, also known as Dusk Golem on the ResetEra forums has stated that the leaked Resident Evil Outbreak is actually Resident Evil Revelations 3.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Earlier this month Capcom was the target of a ransomware attack, the hackers breached the security of the servers and found information about games currently in pre-production. One of the titles leaked was Resident Evil Outbreak, scheduled to release in Q4 of 2021.

AestheticGamer has a pretty good record of revealing accurate information, he did reveal details of Resident Evil: Village months before it’s official reveal, but his information is not confirmed, readers should take his claims with a pinch of salt.

The original Resident Evil: Revelations was developed by Capcom and was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2012. The plot takes place between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 as it follows the story of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield who are trying to stop a bioterrorist organization from infecting Earth’s oceans with the virus.

Revelations emphasize survival, evasion, and exploration over the fast-paced combat of Resident Evil 5. A sequel was released as an episodic title in 2015, the plot follows the event of its predecessor and expands on the story of Resident Evil 5. The game sees the return of Claire Redfield and also features Barry Burton as a playable character.

The story begins when Claire and her co-workers, including Barry Burton’s daughter Moira Burton, are at a party in the headquarters of the NGO TerraSave, when they are attacked by unknown assailants and taken away to a deserted island.

The game was released for Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita in 2015, followed by a release on Nintendo Switch in 2017 along with the port of the first Revelations. A third entry would make a lot of sense for Capcom, as the t’s reported that the original release sold over 2.6 million units and, Revelations 2 has surpassed its predecessor and became the 26th best seller of the company.

Resident Evil Revelations 3 is expected to launch on PS5, and Xbox Series X|S in Q4 2021.

Source: AestheticGamer

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