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Resident Evil Resistance
Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil Resistance To Add New Character Next Month

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Capcom has revealed the next character to arrive its asymmetrical-multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance.  Nicholai Ginovaef, will be the next antagonist to take the seat of the Mastermind on May’s update. Capcom also confirmed that May update will also bring new equipment and skills for the Mastermind and the Survivors.

Jill Valentine has just joined the team of survivors, her specialty is combat, she can easily evade enemy attacks, she also counts with S.T.A.R.S. Armory, she can temporarily use powerful S.T.A.R.S. issued firearms.

Former S.T.A.R.S. specialist Jill was suspended and ordered to stay in her home when her R.P.D. supervisor discovered she was investigating Umbrella’s illegal activities. Jill began having horrific “dreams” involving a group of young strangers and unfathomable terrors.
Gradually, she began to realize that the never-ending loop of nightmares are in fact very, very real.

Resident Evil Resistance launched along with Resident Evil 3 Remake, the game features a new 1 vs. 4 asymmetric online survival horror experience set in the world of Resident Evil. Players can take the role of the evil Mastermind, or team up against him.

The Mastermind will secretly kidnap young people for the purpose of data gathering. He will force these youths into desperate situations, the Mastermind aims to gather valuable research data on how the subjects respond to fear. The Mastermind will not face the Survivors directly. Instead, they observe through the security cameras, setting traps to prevent their escape.

Survivors will have only have one objective: escape. Survivors will need to use their unique skills effectively to cover each other and defeat the creatures together. Cooperation and coordination are vital to success.

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