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Resident Evil 8
Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 Will Be Called Village, More Information Leaked

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More information about Resident Evil 8 keeps arriving, today more information about the protagonist of the story, new enemies, location and release date has been rumored. The information comes from an insider as it was reported by RelyOnHorror.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Capcom is allegedly working for a new FPS title called Village: Resident Evil, the VILL part in the little refers to VIII. Chris Redfield will be a main character in the game, his appearance has bee changed, and he might be an antagonist, as he is seen in a flashback scene shooting the main characters in the game. Ethan is the lead protagonist, testers at Capcom have described him as being “quick-witted and short-tempered”. The RE7 voice actors will participate in the new game.

New enemies includes Wolf-like creatures, similar to werewolves, they will attack Ethan with massive claws, an escape sequence was present in the demo, some parts the gameplay did not include weapons, testers had to sneak and escape from this creatures. Someone is the leader of all creatures, with an appearance similar to a witch, she will haunt Ethan throughout the game, she controls a bigger beast, a “gorilla-like” monster man with “chains and a staff”. This witch cannot be killed, and she will disintegrate into bugs when shot.

Hallucinations will take a big role in the game, apparently, Capcom has taken the decision to reboot the idea of Resident Evil 3.5, where Leon Kennedy suffered hallucinations caused by the T-virus, causing him insanity.

Some versions of the demo appear to have you escape to a castle, while others have you meet up with a group of normal, human villagers and talk your way into their refuge to hide out from the monsters. One of the villagers inside begins to hallucinate, and eventually lashes out and begins to butcher the other villagers. You manage to escape with one of the other villagers, a woman who helped you into the house, as the hallucinating villager sets it ablaze. The demo ends here.

The demo was indeed set in a snowy village area, sometime after the opening. Playing as Ethan, we explore some of the houses on the outskirts, attempting to make contact. NPCs occupy the houses however they are reluctant to talk to an outsider (note: they do speak English when they talk).

The game is massively inspired by a combination of Resident Evil 4 and the much-beloved Resident Evil 3.5 (a series of demos and trailers from various scrapped versions of RE4). The previously reported “serious departure” relates to this, as the game has an obvious focus on something more supernatural. That said, odds are against things being literally supernatural, and that they only appear that way due to viral-induced hallucinations (which is how it worked in RE3.5). The hallucinations make it difficult who to trust and can trigger flashbacks, with some versions of the demo having that “shocking opening” appear as a flashback hallucination when encountering Chris.

According to AestheticGamer, also called as Dusk Golem on the Resetera forums, Resident Evil 8 will be a first person view, cross-gen title, the project is scheduled for a 2021 launch.

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