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Quantic Dream Turning Prior Tech Demo Into Game
Quantic Dream Turning Prior Tech Demo Into Game

Quantic Dream Turning Prior Tech Demo Into Game – Rumor

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According to new reports, the upcoming Star Wars: Eclipse is not the only game being developed by French studio Quantic Dream. It is being stated that the studio is also developing a game based on their 2013 tech demo for the PlayStation 4, which was entitled The Dark Sorcerer. 

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified on our end, therefore we cannot confirm this as factual.

This report comes from a Twitter user, AccountNGT, who had previously leaked the now confirmed Star Wars: Eclipse that was first showcased during The Video Game Awards 2021. these details were corroborated by leaker Tom Henderson, who continues to be a trusted source due to his track record. Henderson had also previously talked about the development woes plaguing Star Wars: Eclipse, also prior to its announcement.

The Dark Sorcerer was a 12-minute demo directed by Quantic Dream studio founder David Cage. It is probably best remembered for its humorous style, with the demo joking switching to a green screen as the creepy-looking sorcerer and his goblin assistant took direction before attempting a ‘second take’ at the video. At the time the video was stated to be only a concept and “not taken from a software title currently in development.”

According to AccountNGT, the game will be a cross-gen title and will also be coming to PC. It was stated that it is further along in development than Star Wars: Eclipse but that the company is having issues hiring people for the project due to reports of workplace toxicity and harassment that had surfaced several years ago. These issues have seemingly affected the development of Star Wars as well. The company has denied these claims consistently, attempting to sue several French publications reporting on it and losing those suits.

Turning a tech demo into a full game is not out of character for the developers either. Their previously released title Detriot: Become human was previously a demo showcasing animations and facial expressions before positive feedback lead the developers to flesh it out into a full experience. While the studio up until that point had released their games exclusively on PlayStation it was announced in 2019 they planned to release future games on multiple platforms.

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