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Star Wars: Eclipse Announced At VGAs

Earlier this year rumors began to circulate involving an unannounced Star Wars title that was going to be developed by Quantic Dream, the studio best known for PlayStation Exclusives Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. The rumor suggested that with EA Games’ exclusivity deal with Star Wars ending, and Quantic Dream planning to begin developing multiplatform, the companies next project would be their take on the Star War’s universe.

During the Video Game Awards, we were finally given our first look at the title, now known as Star War: Eclipse. The trailer showcased was a cinematic one that offered little clarity as to what the story will be, having a vast universe to play with, but it did not skimp on the awesome moments.

The trailer opens up and is scored around, an alien race playing what I assume is Taiko Drums, invoking a samurai feel to the old western saga. This should not feel out of place since large portions of the original Star Wars were heavily inspired by the Akira Kurosawa samurai film The Hidden Fortress, not to mention the recent anime Visions miniseries.

From what we can see in the trailer, we will get to see large cities, space battles, and most likely some lightsaber action though very little outside of that is made clear. Many characters appear as well so similar to other Quantic Dream games we could focus on several characters, or it is possible they are just simply characters selected for the trailer.

The biggest question left from the trailer is how it will play. Quantic Dream is best known for movie-like games that offer choices that change the narrative throughout, think Telltale games with higher quality polish and variety of outcomes. It is possible that with their change to multiplatform the studio is ready to expand its range of game styles, though a Star Wars game in their usual fashion would be pretty awesome too.

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