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Detroit: Become Human characters Connor Cara and Markus
Detroit: Become Human characters Connor Cara and Markus

Detroit: Become Human Creators Tease New Project

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In a recent live stream with Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain creator, Quantic Dream; David Cage revealed they are working on “exciting new projects.” Although no specifics have been confirmed yet; he told fans they will be able to hear about it “soon.”

“We remain game creators, of course, and we’re working on many exciting new projects we cannot talk about yet, but there’s a lot going on at the studio.”

Quantic Dream became an independent, self-publishing, multiplatform studio last year. They have since announced that Detroit: Become Human, Beyond Two Souls, and Heavy Rain will be available on the PC. This release coincides with Heavy Rain’s ten year anniversary. They have also announced on stream that all three games will be available on Steam on June 18.

The livestream also saw guests from Detroit such as Bryan Dechart, who plays Connor, and Clancy Brown who plays Gavin. During their appearance, they discussed the development of the game, the experience of motion capture, and acting with one another. Later during stream, they spoke with Gregorie Diaconu, the associate game director for Detroit, regarding the development of a PC port in unity.

The studio has also announced that they will be publishing for a number of independent studios. David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière mentioned the team will support the studios with their “artistic and technical means” whenever necessary.

“We decided to become our own publisher, and to fully integrate this function within our studio; we’ve assembled a team of highly passionate and experienced people who have been hard at work since Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human on PC… In the future all games will be published by this team. We’re also meeting with a number of highly talented independent studios. “

They also revealed that the studio’s headquarters has been renovated and expanded. This expansion includes a new motion capture stage and sound studio.

Source: Twinfinite

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