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PS5 To Deliver More than 9.2 FLOPS

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According to the latest rumor, the PS5 hardware’s expectation of 9.2 teraflops is not accurate. According to Kleegamefan, the PlayStation 5 specs are not what the the latest leaks claims.

Last month a Reddit user named _rogame claimed to have information regarding PlayStation 5‘s hardware.

GitHub Oberon Project
– Navi10
– 18 WGP / 36 CUs
– 4 shader arrays
– 14 Gbps GDDR6
– 2GHz GFX clock

A hardware like the presented above would be able to perform around 9.2 teraflops. But Kleegamefan, who allegedly “has been providing information on the next-generation consoles in the past few months” appears to have more information on what Sony will be offering later this year.

Well, can you confirm that what you know of specs do not match the GitHub Oberon leak?

No. They do not match.

Kleegamefan’s response to what the blogger asked suggest that, information on the hardware of the PS5 lies with him, and probably, he will share more information about it in the following days.. He also suggest that the PS5 dev kit is more advanced compared to the Xbox Series X’s one. Developers are far more confortable working with the PS5 dev kit, and

“Right now, game performance is better on PS5. I believe that is probably because PS5 development hardware and software are in a more advanced state. I fully expect Scarlett to close that gap once they ship more mature dev kits and software.”

Kleegamefan was banned from the forum, as it was requested by a large part of the community in the blog. So, skepticism is needed when dealing with this kind of information.

Microsoft’s Project Scarlett chip was officially revealed, an 8K is visible, a confirmation that Xbox Series X will have a lot of processing power, maybe even more than what rumor claims.

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