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PlayStation 5 artwork
PlayStation 5 artwork

Rumor: PlayStation 5 Presumed to Offer 9.2 Teraflops

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As the holiday season winds down and gamers, developers, and publishers begin trickling back into their normal routines when the New Year officially arrives, yet another rumor has surfaced stating that the PlayStation 5 will offer 9.2 teraflops at launch.

The rumor comes from a reddit user named _rogame. However, the original post has been removed in the time since its debut. According to _rogame, the following information allows for one’s math to indicate the PlayStation 5 will arrive with 9.2 teraflops:

  • Oberon A0
    – Navi10
    – 18 WGP / 36 CUs
    – 4 shader arrays
    – 14 Gbps GDDR6
    – 2GHz GFX clock

Interested parties can go to Remote Play to view the original tweet in its entirety, as attempting to access the tweet itself leads to a 404 error.

Remote Play then assumes that the PlayStation 5 will come with a price of USD $399, as opposed to the presumed $499 price tag—a figure proposed by Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter—coming with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

While the PlayStation 5’s hardware is still less powerful than the Xbox Series X from a purely technical standpoint, it’s still early in the console’s development cycle, and the final results have yet to be revealed.

Moreover, this rumor is unsubstantiated thus far, and like all rumors, should be treated as such. Sony fans should be excited for what the company’s next-generation console will bring, but this early in the game, any information should be taken with a grain of salt unless it comes from Sony itself.

Like the Xbox Series X, the PlayStation 5 will come with a built-in SSD to minimize loading times for users, once again narrowing the divide between consoles and PCs, despite that gap still being rather large.

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