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PS5 Xbox
PS5 Xbox

PS5 Sold Six Time More Than Xbox In Japan

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The Sony PS5 has won the first battle in the next-gen console war against Xbox Series X|S.

In recent weeks, Xbox suggested that Xbox Series X|S was a total success in Japan as it had all its pre-orders sold out in a few days. However, Famitsu’s data reveals that Xbox has only sold 20,534 in six days, PlayStation is the clear winner managing to sell 118,085 consoles in its native country.

To add more context, Famitsu revealed how bad are the sales of Xbox Series X|S when compared to Xbox 360 and Xbox One:

  • Xbox 360 – 62,135 sold in first two days (December 10, 2005, to December 11)
  • Xbox One – 23,562 sold in first four days (September 4, 2014, to September 7)

It’s important to mention that 2020 has proven to be a challenging year for manufacturing plants and it must not be underestimated the efforts of both companies to not delay the launch of the next-gen console. While it has not been confirmed, it’s fair to assume that some compromises had been done by Xbox for example, the rumored acquisition of a large Japanese developer before the launch of the console.

Xbox also faced a tough decision when allocating the units for the U.S., Europe, and Japan. It seems like the bold strategy to sell two next-gen consoles may have been detrimental to the company, PlayStation’s more conservative approach favors having more units readily available to ship and sell.

Another setback for Xbox was the lack of exclusive launch titles for the new console. Halo Infinite was the game planned to be the game that showcased the potential of the console but the game was inevitably delayed due to COVID-19.

PS5 has been boosted by its launch lineup, Marvels’ Spider-Man: Miles Morales has sold 18,640 physical copies, Demon’s Souls is the second best selling game in Japan shipping 18,607 units.

Source: Famitsu Via: GamesIndustry.BizGematsu 

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