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PS5 Potential Visual Design Leaked – Rumor

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A new allegedly leaked design for the PlayStation 5 has been handled to CCN. Reaching the website via an anonymous leak, the images first appear on 4chan‘s PS5 thread.

CCN claims that, the anonymous individual confirmed that the images displays the actual design of the  next gen console.

4chan is a large community that shares a lot of good information, but it’s most recognized for the satire than being a reliable source of information. The 4chan thread originated with an anonymous user starting a PS5 thread by saying:

“Did the leaks make you want to get one?” And opens his post with a dubious, low resolution image of a device that showcases a PlayStation logo.


It’s worth to mention that, the original post did not mention anything about being this image an actual leak, or a suggested prototype of the final design to be displayed on the PS5.

The thread continues with an user uploading some images of a “PS5” design with a suggestion: “Patent?”

Going through Sony Interactive Entertainment patents, a design for a next generation console do not appear. So, at least one part of this rumor is now debunked. Still, the design could be inspired by the actual PS5’s design, under the assumption of the 4chan user had actually taken a look of the real PS5, the leaked images can have some veracity.

Paying more attention to the first image, a resemblance to the PS4 is undeniable, sharing lots of the shape of the console. CCN gives a good analysis of the “leaked” product.

“The design’s uncanny similarity to the PlayStation 4 raises questions. The main body of the design is reminiscent of a PS4 reshaped into a parallelogram with the top and bottom halves oppositely slanted.

The design also positions the side vents, power/disc eject buttons, and disc drive almost identically to the PS4.”

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more updates on the Sony PlayStation 5.

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