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Project Scarlett artwork
Project Scarlett artwork

Project Scarlett: New Leaks, Rumors, and Speculation

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The specs for Project Scarlett look like they might have gotten leaked. On top of that Phil Spencer has been talking a lot about what to expect from the new console. While nothing can be 100% confirmed and is subject to change, it is still an exciting time for Xbox fans and the future of console gaming.

First off, the rumored specs of the new Xbox are outstanding. The Anaconda version is going to have 12 teraflops of computing power, which is double what the Xbox One X has, while the Lockhart is going to have only four. Both versions will have 8 CPU cores targeting around 3.5 GHz, but the Anaconda will be higher per core. Even though this might be concerning for people looking more into the Lockhart, remember that these are still rumors at the moment.

There will only be a slight improvement to the next gen’s clock speed. However, due to improvements in caching, the new silicon architecture, and other general proprietary optimizations, the higher end Anaconda will perform up to five times better than the Xbox One X.

The load times for games will be cut down from minutes to mere seconds thanks to the new SSDs the console will have. With the inclusion of Project XCloud, players will be able to stream games to play them while they download locally. The final bit of specs from this leak say that Project Scarlett will have 16 GB of RAM – 13 GB for games, 3 GB for the OS.

Speaking of “Scarlett” though, there is a lot of speculation as to what the name of this new gen console will be. Phil Spencer recently made a statement on this topic:

“Our naming convention has been around what we think the capabilities are. Xbox 360 was about the entertainment experience around the box and the box being in the center of that entertainment experience. Xbox One, if you remember our branding early on, was ‘always on input, all in one’. Those names were really built around the purpose of the box… I don’t feel like I need to follow in their footsteps because they’re kind of self-contained.”

This means that the new console will not likely be the Xbox Two. It’s still a mystery as to what it will finally be called, but it seems that the name will have something to do with what the machine will be capable of doing for users.

It is obvious that Phil Spencer is quite excited to talk about this new addition to the Xbox family because of a tweet he made recently about what he’s been able to do with the console so far.

This is great news for people worried about cross compatibility or if their brand-new Elite Series 2 would still be usable next year. Like the rumors above though, it’s important not to take any of this as fact. It will still be about a year until the Project Scarlett comes out so many things can and will change by that time. Until then, keep an open mind for the things to come in the future of Xbox.

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