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Pragmata Is Capcom’s New IP for Next Gen Consoles

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During today’s PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event, Capcom announced a new IP called Pragmata, the first new franchise since Dragon’s Dogma, a game that launched in 2012.

Pragmata is set in a dystopian near-future on Earth’s Moon, Pragmata will take you on an unforgettable, adventure. Capcom’s development team is hard at work on this new IP. Capcom promises that Pragmata will make full use of new next-gen technology, ray-tracing is confirmed to be available for both next-gen consoles. According to Capcom, the new hardware will allow players to experience the new “breathtaking and immersive sci-fi setting like never before.”

Check out the Pragmata‘s announcement trailer down below:

Unfortunately, Capcom did not reveal any more information about the game, but they promise to reveal more information of the game in 2021.

The trailer shows something reminiscent of the work done by Kojima with Death Stranding, a little girl is shown on an empty city that looks like New York, the person on a special suit uses a special gun that fires some particles, the person uses a tracking device that allows to track the girl’s location.

Apparently, something related to AI or a Matrix simulation is the main plot of the game, once the individual finds the girl, he seems to touch her to make sure that she is real, next to the girl there is a cat, this cat looks as it’s AR technology, more interestingly, a very powerful device appears and disturbs the AR.

The girl looks like she some kind of device implanted in her body, she is seen controlling the space suited person, quickly deploying a shield that saves them from the impact of the large satellite-like device. The trailer ends with a display of the girl and the space suited person in the moon, she seems OK without a suit, leading to suggest that she might be an android, or some kind of computer generated life.

Check this screenshots:

In news related to Capcom, Resident Evil Village was also announced today at the Sony’s Future of Gaming livestream, this game is a first person horror game that will be somewhat different to the usual Resident Evil experience, hallucinations and psychological terror set players on a new thrilling experience.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled for a 2021 launch for the PlayStation 5, Pragmata will launch much later for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC, in 2022.

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