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Starters for Sword and Shield
Starters for Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield – New Forms Revealed

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are less than a month away from release and it’s been a bumpy ride up to this point. Some fans are disappointed with the way the game looks graphically with this being Game Freak’s first original Pokemon game on a console in years. Hardcore fans weren’t exactly pleased with the Pokemon Let’s Go series remake and are looking for a return to form. The roller coaster ride didn’t end there though with Game Freak confirming that the National Dex will not contain every Pokemon in existence. All of this has combined together to have Pokemon uneasy and unsure as we head toward the release date next month. A few weeks ago, the Pokemon channel did a 24-hour stream that ended up revealing Galarian Ponyta. This was followed by our report of Sword & Shield’s game size which is 10.3 gigabytes over 5 gigs more than either of the Let’s Go series games.

As we inch toward release Pokemon announced that they would be dropping some news today. The news happens to be about the different Gigantamaxing forms that have been added to Sword & Shield. The trailer (which you can watch below) teases new forms of Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth, Butterfree & Charizard. First, the Pikachu & Eevee forms are rewards if you have a Let’s Go Series save file on your Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, neither Pokemon evolve. The Gigantamax Meowth is given to any user who buys the game before January 15th, 2020. According to Pokemon.com Gigantamax Charizard & Butterfree can be caught during Raid Battles and are extremely rare.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is throwing a lot at us in my opinion and it’s hard to know what this game is really going to be like. How imperative will Gigantamaxing be for the main story game, how prevalent it will be in competitive? All questions that need to be answered. Are you intrigued enough to buy Sword & Shield next month? Let us know and follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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