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Sword & Shield starters
Sword & Shield starters

Pokemon Sword and Shield – File Size Revealed

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Next month Game Freak and Nintendo will give us the first original Pokemon game on a main Nintendo console in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Set to release on November 15th, the series has been dealing with a few controversies leading up to it. Between the National Dex not containing every Pokemon and concerns with graphics, some are skeptical of the release. Last week Game Freak announced a brand new Pokemon in Galarian Ponyta a Psychic-type Pokemon. News updates for the game continue today with Serebii finding the file size of both games.

According to Serebii, download cards for both games have started to arrive in retail stores and the back of these cards contain information about the file size. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield will both have a file size of 10.3 gigabytes. For comparison, the last Pokemon Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu were both 4.3 gigabytes, a massive difference between the two iterations. To be frank, Sword & Shield’s file size leans closer to Nintendo’s hit Super Smash Brothers Ultimate which came in at 13.6 gigabytes when it released last December.

10.3 gigabytes especially given the difference between the Let’s Go series, means we’re most likely getting more content in the Sword & Shield series. With Sword & Shield’s “Wild Area” resembling something of an open world, with features like gigantamaxing, Gym battles & Pokemon League battles taking more of an old school Pokemon Stadium feel, it makes sense that the game is on of the bigger side of storage space.

The Nintendo Switch out of the box comes with 32 gigabytes of storage if you have even half of the decent first-party games on Nintendo Switch your storage is probably bursting at the seams. Consider grabbing a microSD card before the launch as to not have to delete or archive any of your games when Pokemon Sword & Shield launches November 15th.

What do you think of the Pokemon Sword & Shield file size? Are you going to move around some software to make room? Let us know and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter & Facebook for updates on Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Source: Serebii.net

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