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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gets Six Minute Overview Video
Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gets Six Minute Overview Video

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gets Six Minute Overview Video

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Leading up to the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus later this month, Nintendo has released a six-minute long video on their Japanese youtube channel to build even more hype for the already hotly anticipated title.  The video, while entirely in Japanese, should still offer players of all languages another compelling look at the Hub-based RPG’s take on a feudal Hisui region.

Right of the bat, I would like to call would be trainers to the music that accompanies this trailer as in some of the best a Pokemon game has conjured in a long time, at least in my opinion. It also conjures vibes of Nintendos’ highly successful The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, which is fitting as this is a farm more open-world Pokemon than we are used to, even if it is not fully an open-world game.

What the video takes time to showcase the locations that players will be invited to explore, as well as pokemon exploring their natural environments.  Also showcased during this trailer, albeit briefly were several of the menus and hud.

While not exactly like the Pokemon Lets GO games, players can sneak up on Pokemon and use pokeball’s to catch them even before fights occur. Once caught we were able to get more looks at using their abilities, such as cutting or flying around the map which gives this title a great vibe.

Players that have been following the title since the announcement should also notice that the graphics have seen considerable improvement over the time between then and now. While it is not a technical looker by many standards set in the industry today the game looks fun which is always paramount.

I will admit, it is still a trip watching Magikarp all swimming along the rivers of the game and I cannot wait to jump in when Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases on January 28.

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