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PS5 Price
PS5 Price

PlayStation Lowers PS5 Price After Series S Reveal – Rumor

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Xbox has finally announced the price of Xbox Series X and it’s more economic next-gen alternative the Xbox Series S, according to insiders, PlayStation decided to cut the retail price of PS5 to match the Series X’s 500 USD.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

A source who spoke anonymously to Gamereactor, and who has an overview of the situation, confirmed yesterday that when the Xbox Series X launch details were revealed, the PlayStation 5 was “considerably” more expensive.

We’ve heard that Sony is considering pricing the discless PS5 at $399 and the premium edition of the PlayStation will match the Xbox Series X with a $499 price point.

Xbox’s Series X/S pre-orders will start on September 22, the consoles are scheduled to launch on November 10, if GameReactor’s report is true, Sony is still deciding to figure a price for PS5 that’s both competitive and lucrative for Sony, the console’s launch is destined to be complicated due to a lack of units to supply the demand, and the lightning-fast NVMe SSD is proving to be a very expensive design that leaves Sony unable to compete with Xbox Series S.

Xbox’s brilliance move of developing a small, affordable, next-gen alternative to PS5 and Series X has given Sony’s executives plenty of worries, however, it remains to be seen if Xbox will have enough units to get a head start from PS5. Xbox has also confirmed that pre-orders are not restrictive, and twelve countries are included in the All Access finance option, this means that for 25 USD, a customer can get an Xbox Series S and  Game Pass Ultimate, which now features EA Play subscription service.

PlayStation seems to be in a serious problem as Xbox designed both the more powerful and cheap next-gen console, right now Sony can only count with PlayStation Studios’ exclusive, something that might not be enough to beat All Access and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate options.

Source: GameReactor

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