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PlayStation 5 smart delivery
PlayStation 5 smart delivery

PlayStation 5 Will Not Offer Smart-Delivery Alternative

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One of the biggest advantages of the Xbox Series X over the PlayStation 5 is the Smart Delivery service they offer. This service allows players to upgrade their games from the Xbox One over to the new console with ease. Sony has yet to offer a unified-upgrade programme like this for PlayStation 4 games migrating to the PlayStation 5.

This news is based on the recent news that Madden NFL 21 will offer upgrades from the PS4 and Xbox One over to PS5 and Xbox Series X respectively. Media outlets reached out to SIE Japan to clarify the situation and whether fans can expect Sony to offer a Smart Delivery solution like Microsoft. Sources have also stated that Sony will be leaving it up to publishers regarding how they want to handle console upgrades.

In other words it seems like Sony will not be offering a programme like the Smart Delivery service for the PS5, and instead is letting publishers decide how and if it wants to allow console upgrades for their games.

EA has already confirmed that physical owners of a copy of Madden NFL 21 will not be eligible for upgrades because they cannot verify physical ownership over digital. It is difficult to say how each publisher will handle cross-gen upgrades as more games are announced for the new consoles.

It is important to note that Microsoft does not mandate Smart Delivery, so publishers who sign on for Smart Delivery will likely offer the same service to PS4 and PS5 owners.

Games to have been confirmed for both the PS4 and PS5 include Grand Theft Auto 5, Dustborn, and Destiny 2. However it should be noted that Destiny 2 will only allow upgrades for those who purchase the ‘Beyond Light’ expansion.

Source: VG247

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