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PlayStation 5 unofficial design
PlayStation 5 unofficial design

PlayStation 5 to Get Launched in Holiday 2020

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After a brief confirmation from Sony on development of the next PlayStation console earlier this year, Today the company officially announced that its next console is named PlayStation 5 as it was expected and it will be hitting stores in Holiday 2020 same as Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett. Fortunately, the news doesn’t end here with Sony sharing dozens of new information on PS5 and its accessories.

First things first, the devkit patent that was rumored to be related to PS5 is real. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean the final product is going to be similar to the devkit in shape and design, but it could hint at the ultimate appearance of PlayStation 5 at launch.

Aside from the design, Sony has also revealed two new innovations in PS5 controllers in purpose of delivering more realistic experience for the players. First off, the rumble technology in controllers is going to be replaced by haptic feedback which provides an expanded range of feedback from controller in different situations that are happening within the game. According to Sony, crashing into a wall in a racing game is going to feel much more different than tackling in a football game. Even the roughness of the ground can be felt on controller through the haptic feedback.

The second big overhaul in PlayStation 5 controllers have been applied on R2/L2 triggers, which can now hold various resistance in front of the player’s fingers. This functionality allows developers to set multiple resistance states for the triggers in different situations. Imagine a situation like drawing a bow and arrow or driving a car in muddy path. This new feature, in combination with the haptic feedback, will be bringing a more in-depth experience of controlling characters and other things in video games.

More PlayStation 5 news is about to get covered here at Gaming Instincts. Leave us comment and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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