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PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Outer Plates May Be Swappable – Rumor

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PlayStation 5 ‘s futuristic design may not please the taste of older PlayStation fans, usually, the company favors a more conservative design, however, there are strong indications that the next-gen console will allow users to customize the appearance of the box.  A new leak from an alleged manufacturing plant in China suggests that the outer plates of the console can be swappable by the user, allowing Sony to mod the shape or color of the console.


The images had been analyzed by wccftech, they can corroborate that the images do not seem to be the work of some Photoshop artist, there is also the probability that the images are unofficial 3d printed fakes.

Of course, take this all with a grain of salt for now. These images don’t appear to be Photoshops (I’ve done enough Photoshops to know), but there is always that slim chance that this is an elaborate hoax involving fake 3D-printed components. That said, this looks legit to me.

The leaked images are in accordance with recent information from Matt MacLauring, Vice President of UX design at PlayStation, he explains in a LinkedIn thread, that PlayStation interface and the design of the console will be customizable, he also states that the console will be available in different colors.

Most interestingly, MacLauring suggest that more than a simple colors swap will change the appearance of the next-gen device, he states that the PlayStation 5 “is also customizable in ways previous gens weren’t.” If he is referring to the hardware of software remains to be confirmed by Sony.

Now, MacLauring’s statement has opened room for speculation, something that Sony might not want as it might lead to false expectations. Is now being debated whether if the white plates are in fact an integral part of the hardware, surely.

Recent leaks from Sony indicates that the industry giant is preparing huge surprises for new and older players, a 4chan post leaked information from ‘The Future of Gaming‘ weeks before the event was even announced.

According to the rumor, PlayStation Studios is the biggest asset of the PS5, a new AAA studio will be joining the team soon. The leverage of the Japanese console will also see exclusive games from “Capcom, Konami, Koei Tecmo, Atlus, Square Enix and Bethesda”. New games from Naughty Dog and Santa Monica will be announced soon, Horizon 2 is said to be mind blowing and will launch in early 2021.

Source: wccftech

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