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PlatinumGames New Studio
PlatinumGames New Studio

PlatinumGames Announces a New Studio in Tokyo

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PlatinumGames has big plans for 2020, the developer has already announced that 4 news would be arriving, they have already crowdfunded a remaster for The Wonderful 101. Project G.G. was teased recently, it’s the newest I.P. from PlatinumGames, there are some theories about what could be this Project G.G., at the moment the most popular is that a game inspired by the Ultraman Universe.

The third announcement that PlatinumGames is the creation of a new studio in Tokyo, the new development team already has been established with fifteen experienced developers, but in an interview with Famitsu, Hideki Kamiya Vice President at PlatinumGames reveals that the new studio will be hiring, the goal is to have at least a hundred of developers working for Project G.G.


In a blog post on the developer’s site, President and CEO Kenichi Sato describes the reasons for the new office and PlatinumGames’.

In December 2019, PlatinumGames entered into a capital alliance with Tencent Holdings. This allowed us to start work on Project G.G., our first entirely original IP, in earnest. It also contributed to our decision to establish PlatinumGames Tokyo – a pillar of our new commitment to building our power as a developer. Between our Osaka office and PlatinumGames Tokyo, we’re poised to make use of the sharpest creative minds in games in both west and east Japan, and expand to even greater possibilities.

Executive Vice President and Studio Head Atsushi Inaba also shares a message ahead the future of the company.

We’re always actively expanding our Osaka office, but by branching out and establishing a new development hub in Tokyo, we’ll expand our staff and our skills even further. I want us to be able to realize as many of our creative goals as possible, and to do that, I think we need to advance our development both in Osaka and Tokyo.

This isn’t a simple physical expansion. It represents a step towards a new challenge for us: Console live ops game development.

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