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The Wonderful 101
The Wonderful 101

Platinum Games Planning to Bring The Wonderful 101 to Switch

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According to reports, Platinum Games will announce a Kickstarter campaign to port The Wonderful 101 to Nintendo Switch, it’s possible that the game will release on different platforms. GameXplain suggest that The Wonderful 101 is actually being planned for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Didyouknowgaming‘s Liam Robertson is backing the project and confirms fellow Youtube account GameXplain claims’.

The Wonderful 101 it’s an action adventure game developed by Platinum Games under the direction of legendary designer Hideki Kamiya. The former Capcom employee has teased fans about the upcoming release of The Wonderful 101 for newer systems in a recent tweet, pay attention to the time on the monitor, a Nintendo Switch can also be spotted in the picture.

In The Wonderful 101, players control a group of secret heroes plucked from their normal lives to save the world in a time of emergency. Will Wedgewood is a teacher at Blossom City Elementary School, but to some he is known as Wonder-Red, young secret combat service prodigy and soon-to-be leader of The Wonderful 100. Joining him in this elite group is Eliot Hooker, detective with the Los Angeles Police Department in his everyday life, and the man behind the mask of Wonder-Blue.

“Each of the core characters in The Wonderful 101 are defined by their Unite Morph powers, which allow them to transform a group of heroes into objects, such as a giant fist called Unite Hand, a powerful blade by the name of Unite Sword, or even a firearm known as Unite Gun. All Unite Morph powers become more powerful depending on the number of heroes currently recruited, so make sure to keep an eye out for citizens crying “Help!” – adding them to your team will reinforce your unit as you battle the GEATHJERK invaders!”

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more information from Platinum Games and its Kickstarter campaign.

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